Making Good love a greater Love....


Making Good love a greater Love....

Welcome to The Love Remix

About Love Remix

Remember how songs used to come out and be the jam... but after awhile you would get tired of it..THEN they would hit you with the REMIX and the same song would be hot all over again? That's the premise of The Love Remix! Giving couples a chance to make good love a stronger and newer love! Every relationship, especially romantic ones, require ongoing work. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight on not only yourself, but the needs of your partner. Whether you....

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Learn From Others

This is your chance to learn from marriage counselors with several years of experience with successful marriages of their own!

Some Alone Time

Sometimes couples just need some time to recharge their relationship. Love Remix will give you the time to learn, grow and remix the love!

Meeting Other Couples

Lacking in friendship with couples? This is the staycation retreat for you! After a day of learning and mingling, you may get to know a cool couple or two!

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